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United Worship Night


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Invitation to Participate in United Worship Night

Dear Churchs, 

My name is Robel Mamo, and I am originally from Ethiopia. I have been residing in the USA for the past 21 years. During my time here, I've had the privilege of being involved in various capacities, including serving as a worship leader, choir leader, and more. Over the years, I have felt a calling from God to serve in the ministry of worship, and I have been actively involved in organizing United Worship Nights for the past five years.

I recently relocated to North Carolina and have begun attending EEC of Charlotte, where I am currently serving as a worship leader, choir leader, and church elder. In addition to my responsibilities within the church, I also organize worship events outside of church premises, bringing together believers from different congregations. This year, my team and I have arranged a United Worship Night scheduled for May 11th at 5 pm. The event will take place at Project 658, located at 3646 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205.

Our United Worship Night is a unique gathering where worshippers from various linguistic backgrounds come together to exalt Jesus. The program will be conducted primarily in English, and we have invited worship leaders fluent in different languages to ensure inclusivity. Additionally, on the same day, at 9 am, we will be engaging in evangelism activities in Uptown Charlotte, spreading the message of the Gospel.

We would be honored to have your church participate in this event. We invite you to contact the organizers and consider sending your choir or worship leaders to collaborate with us. Please inform your congregation about this annual event, emphasizing the significance of believers coming together in unity to worship Jesus. Furthermore, we welcome any love offerings or donations to support the event. Our goal is to foster unity in prayer and worship, share the Gospel, and connect individuals with churches where they feel spiritually nurtured.

I am Robel Mamo, the Community Engager, and you can find more information about our organization on our website Thank you for considering our invitation. For further inquiries or to confirm your participation, please feel free to contact us at 240-678-4014 or via email at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm regards,

Robel Mamo

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