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5k Nile/GERD  Run 

  • April 2nd 2022, Address ​

  • McAlpine Creek Park

  • 8711 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212

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Who We Are?

Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans who live in North Carolina have come together and formed a Task Force under the name “Demo Le Abay” to carry out our responsibility and raise funds that will go towards the completion of GERD.


About Us

We believe GERD will play a key role in transforming Ethiopia’s struggling economy and will also serve to change its image and position among world nations from that of a recipient of aid to a prosperous nation that will join the community of donor countries.

Furthermore, we strongly believe that the GERD will be added to Ethiopia’s many rich historical sites such as, the obelisk at Axum, Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches, and the historic Gondar castle as a legacy of our generation to pass on to those who come behind us. Additionally, we believe that the dam will help to control the heavy damage and destruction caused by floods during the rainy season and will also strengthen Ethiopia’s ties with neighboring countries.

Our Vision

To see the GERD project completed and transform Ethiopia’s economy, where Ethiopia reaps an equitable and fair share of ongoing benefit from Abay/Blue Nile

Our Objective

Our objective is to work in a united fashion and contribute share towards the successful completion of the GERD.

Progress Of The Project GERD is current progress is at 75% and expected to be completed in 2023.

Benefit Of GERD!

The primary purpose of the dam is electricity production to relieve Ethiopia’s acute energy shortage and for electricity export to neighboring countries.
With a planned installed capacity of 6.45 gigawatts, the dam will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa when completed, as well as the seventh largest in the World.


The benefits of GERD is not limited to power supply to Ethiopia, it can benefit Sudan and Egypt by removing up to 86% of silt and sedimentation. It will regulate the steady water flow throughout the year, and it will avoid un-expected flooding to downstream countries.

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