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Gallilee Ministries of East Charlotte & Carolina Road Runner Club is proud to present 

"The Community Kitchen Program." 

The Carolina Road Runners are proud to announce the development of our Kitchen Project. The Kitchen Project exists to offer a “hand up” within our community by offering free hospitality & culinary arts training to those who may be facing obstacles in obtaining steady employment. Not only does this offer assistance to individuals needing training skills and employment, but this project also serves the purpose of feeding those less fortunate within the community. We strive to empower individuals with the skills to succeed and offer assistance in job placement giving individuals the ability to support themselves and their families.

Our target population is the refugee, immigrant, migrant, and those persons who experience chronic unemployment due to their life circumstances and recruitment is often word of mouth to each other. Once enrolled, the students become peer support specialists as they work very closely together, along with their instructors, to help with the retaining process as it is often easy to give up when you have not had a lot of doors open to you. By teaching students how to prepare healthy meals, we are also providing them with food for themselves and their families and neighbors around the Galilee Center. As the personal and environmental challenges that the students are facing arise, the opportunity to find solutions become part of the daily training experience. The Eastside of Charlotte offers a plethora of needs to its neighbors and The Community Kitchen Program is in the perfect location to address their needs.

The Community Kitchen Program intentionally chose to operate out of the Galilee Center of East Charlotte as this center is known throughout our community as a center of welcome to newly-arrived neighbors to the United States and offers programs to that population on a daily basis. [ More information about the Galilee Center can be found at

More information about Carolina's Road Runner Club: CRRC, is wellness and nutritional project for the Homeless and underprivileged in our communities.

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