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 Electronic Donations & Recycling

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At Community Leadership Academy, we are dedicated to promoting electronic donations and recycling to minimize waste and support sustainable practices. We gladly accept a wide range of electronic items in all conditions and from all brands. By donating or recycling your electronics with us, you can contribute to reducing environmental impact while benefiting the community.

Here are the electronic items we accept:

  1. Desktops, laptops, mouses, and keyboards

  2. iPads, Surfaces, tablets & e-readers

  3. Monitors, printers & scanners

  4. Flat screen televisions

  5. Home audio & theater equipment

  6. Video games & gaming systems

  7. iPods, MP3 players & accessories

  8. Cameras, media cards, video equipment & GPS systems

  9. Mobile phones & accessories

  10. External & internal hard drives

  11. Power cords, chargers & cables

  12. Ink & toner cartridges

  13. Children’s educational toys with electronic components

By donating these items, you enable us to provide resources to individuals and organizations in need. Additionally, items that cannot be donated due to their condition or usability will be responsibly recycled to ensure proper disposal and minimize environmental harm.

Your support through electronic donations and recycling helps us create a positive impact on both the community and the environment. Join us in our efforts to promote sustainability and make a difference today.

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